Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

This is the first year that my mom hasn't been here.   It feels a little strange.  Somehow your mom is always there.   Got some neat surprises though.  Bill went out and brought home a lovely bouquet of peach flowers tulips and seven large lilies.  It is so beautiful.  Then this morning we went to the door and there was another beautiful bouquet.  It was from the Stewart grandchildren.  It was awesome.  It is pretty gerber daisies and lovely roses.  These will be wonderful for an open house.  Now our home is ready for company. 

In The Selling Business

We sold our land the first week of May, that was totally awesome.   Now we are praying to sell our home shortly .   On Thursday evening we had a very interested family.  It was such a joy to take them through .  The dad said we love it and we aren't going to change anything.  I thought it's a done deal, that was 2 nights ago and I am waiting to hear back.
Meal while we have had such fun getting flowers and decluttering our home.  I am selling lots on kijiji.  What a wonderful tool.  I think I will also have a yard sale.  I really do love selling, for sure it runs in the family.  Now I am also packing just because I think I should.  Crazy perhaps without an offer yet but I have this feeling I need to do that.

We are loving going to Chatham.  It is so nice to attend a large branch.  This is such a novelity for us having spent much of our lives in tiny branches.  We're hoping to help bridge the gap for those who live in Wallaceburg and need rides to church.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Update on Facial Fat Retention

This is 23 days after the fat transfere on Feb. 1st.  I knew I had lost a bit at this point but I didn't know how much.

Dr. Matic said you have lost about 50% in your cheek but it still looks good.  He took all kinds of pictures again.  He said I would like to do another 2 procedures and build on the live fat cells that are in there and remaining.  This way we should get better results.  He said this time he will concentrate on  the back of cheek and above the lip.  I asked could we get an acupuncturist to work with us so I wouldn't need a local ?  He said good idea but we are not set up for this insurance wise at the hospital.  He's hoping I can again deal with the pain and no local.  I'm still thinking about all this!!
 Since Dr. Matic's birthday is Feb. 26, they were all celebrating early

His secretary offered me a piece of birthday cake. I hadn't eaten lunch so it was especially tasty.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Is How The Big Day Went

We were waiting for Pam and Mike to arrive.

This is the delicious peach cake that Cassandra and Nathan and Clara picked out for the birthday party.  It was so light and so tasty.  I got carried away and had 2 large pieces.  Thanks to all the Hills for this beautiful cake.

The beautiful peach gerber daisys were so lovely on our table.  I love gerber daisys and they last forever.  Those were from all the Hills also.  Natan said to me notice Nana they are your favourite colour.  They sure have my number.

So the menu that night was chinese.  It was delightful and best of all no preparation.  Yes!

Pam only put on 12 candles !  Good thing as I had trouble blowing that many out.
 Pam had to come to my rescue.  Can't blow out candles ...but with help we got them out in one try.  Thanks Pam!!
 Right after dinner we went to the gong show at Leamington branch.  It was too fun!  Dave Grainger showed us how to keep in shape.
We enjoyed Danielle Taylor's daughter and her good friend singing in a  delightful duet.

This is Kathleen and Bob Lavoies daughter.  She was terrific.  Gosh she has really grow up.

This is Josh Chordash's daughter.  Very talented young lady.

We had some break dancing going on !

So fun to get in on the grand finalie.  One thing I can still do is DANCE.!!  It was too fun.
All and all I enjoyed a great birthday.

Next month another bonus of maturity...I will be a little richer with my new goverment cheque!!!

Yes....Made It To 65!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Valentine Dinner

We had our monthly get together at Lilian and Jim's home.  It was a fun get together and the food was delicious.  It was a great way to spend Valentines day.  Dave and Nancy Gilespie were leaving for a cruise the following day.  That next  day we were hit with that terrible flu.  Sure hope they didn't get it for it would no doubt ruin their vacation.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Have Lots Of Irons In The Fire These Days

Right now we are getting this house cleaned out and in order to get it listed.  We are also listing our land in Owen Sound.  On top of that we are trying to get the members  in Wallaceburg  to put their shoulders to the wheel to get back inactives and bring out new friends to strengthen the ranks here.  Otherwise the threat of shutting down our little branch is looming.  So we are trying  to work like crazy to prepare with faith ourselves and the area, for a Miracle...... if God wills it.